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Why Wrecklyss & Why Now?


Imagine finally getting locked in with someone who you’ve longed for and then when it seems as if you finally won they’re love, they just vanish. I’m honestly just starting to realize that the kind of female that I’ve always wanted is truly just hard to come by. You know, you watch the Aladdin’s and the Titanic’s and you almost get infatuated with the overall message that “this kind of love is really out there”, when you’re someone like myself. I’ve always been really into romance and living in a world where being venerable and gentle is almost like frowned upon or not acceptable, I chose to embrace the fact that I’m really this hopeless romantic that isn’t afraid to sing about the hardships I face with wome.. well girls. I heard the instrumental one lonely, depressed night after dwelling on the past and the lyrics just came to me. I pulled out my iPhone, opened voice memos and I literally made the whole song in like 20-25 minutes. I decided to that I was going to go to my happy place which is the studio at my boy’s house and within one hour the tune was recorded. I heard the rough draft and that's when I was like okay if I didn't know me and I was just a some kid who heard this tune I would like it. I then decided to play it for a couple of people and everyone replied just like my engineer did and they all said, “This sounds like some Drake ish”. That's when I knew I had a song that could be worth something. Why now… Um honestly I truly feel like when you have an idea or a tune or something that you want to do you have to act on it. I only ever began to make music because it’s like therapy to me. I don't really like sports, I’m not one to go to strip clubs or do the things that other people like to do. I really just enjoy making and listening to quality music. I made a song in 2019 called “Lit Tonight” and after it started getting played at Club E11even in Miami and then it made it’s way to Benjamin Kickz and Lex Borrero and reposted the song on IG and dm’d me saying they really vibed with my song, I realized that I honestly had what it takes to actually make good tunes. I mean it wasn't like I paid anyone to spin my tunes in Miami or paid anyone to repost anything. It just sort of got heard and played every night and that's when I knew like okay “I made people at the biggest club in Miami dance and enjoy 3 minutes of their time in this club with my song, that's got to be a sign to keep going. A year later I went through life, got hurt time and time again and one day I just decided that I was going to make Wrecklyss and I’m glad I did. I love it. Like even if it wasn't me on the song and it was someone else. It’s just a cool vibe, if I do say so myself.

Money is definitely going to be something you need, Are you signed? How are you going to finance everything that comes with pushing a single and just being a full time musician?

To be completely honest, I don't really have a whole bunch of money at the moment but god is really so amazing that I have people in my life that are just so amazing like my engineer who is always looking out for me when it comes to mixing and mastering my tunes and not taking me for all I have when he easily could because he’s put in the work to easily say “ I want two thousand” to produce this track. Not only that, my uncle Steve who really is just the man and literally the mastermind behind everything that has to do with getting me to the next level really is helping me to the point where I truly have to thank the man above on a daily basis. My uncle Steve’s been in this league a long long time and he’s doing everything in his power to guide me and get my art to get worldwide recognition. I literally didn't even plan on this being the song to push because it was really just a quick little song that I made in bed haha but I have a really unreleased gem in the stash called “Stuck on You”, and that's really a song that many people just think has something we like to call “hit potential”. We have a strategy in mind as far as getting my name out there and I’m honestly very confident and grateful for those who are in my life and ready to go worldwide with my art. I can’t do everything by myself and it kind of goes back tot the question about money, I might not have a hundred thousand dollar budget to play with but there are a couple key things that I do have, Mamba mentality and my Uncle Steve, God and myself. See when you come from nothing and you get a little bit of something, that little bit of something is like the biggest blessing in the world but I never forget my core morals and values… I don't care how hard it may seem or what others are up to. I’m willing to do what others are doing and what they aren’t doing. Anything fast doesn’t last. I’m truly willing to go military and old school and just apply myself to the basics when it comes to the promo by myself if need be. In this day and age you almost have to be a one man army when you don't have the money and or a label coming up with thousands to push you. I’m honestly just willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that I use what I do have in front of my to the best of my advantage. That's what god put it in front of me for. I have cards to play but this comes down to going about things as if I didn't have any help what so ever. Once I’m established I know like I know doors are going to open up. My uncle says “Do your best and God will do the rest.” And that's exactly the code I’m applying to this little thing of mine. I have to, because I want it to be big.

Everyone has their influencers and types of music they grew up listening to... Who did you grow up listening to and whom do you want to work with in the future?

This is the god’s honest truth. I really make something called Emo-Soul, which is like a combination of Hip-Hop and R&B mixed with me just singing and just pouring my emotions onto whatever beat makes me want to dance or just vibe. I’m not really a rapper. I mean I grew up listening to Biggie and Jadakiss, Dipset, like I’ve listened to a lot of Hip-Hop but honestly my obsession and love for music stems from songs about love and stories of a good time. I’m a fan of all kinds of music. I love Country, Piano, Jazz, Mediation music but my favorite kind of music is Oldies. I love me some Blue magic, and Keith Sweat, Ready For The World, Rick James, Teena Marie. I could go on and on. See that's real music. I love artist like Alicia Keys and just passionate artists like Summer Walker, Brent Fraiyaz, Daniel Caesar, and especially PartyNextDoor and Drake. All of those artist and especially Drake and PND have played a huge role in my type of music that I’m making. When it comes to who is want to work, I mean im hoensly willing to work with whoever wants to create something beautiful and meaningful at the moment. If I could just wave a wand and work with whoever I want to work with it would definitely be Nelson Freitas, Majid Jordan, Zaytoven, Zhu, Drake and PND. PartyNextDoor is truly just cut from another cloth. I don't care what anyone says haha. The man is a mad scientist. I’m just starting to find my sound which is think really is Pop based and like I said when I mix that with this new genre called “Emo-soul” hopefully that can morph into like Emo-Pop haha.


Any major plans or deals in the works?

I’m just going to say this SONY ORCHARD and God. There’s really no telling what can come about with these two major major forces on my side. I’m really trying my best to not worry too much about planning for the future and setting expectations. Things hardly ever go according to plan and in the past I’ve always been one to plan and always make sure my ducks are in a row, all to get let down because life is truly so unpredictable. After being raised to be ahead of the game all the time and then things always going wrong and being stressed out after doing all the work for nothing I’ve truly just come the conclusion that all I can do is trust my uncle and do my best and let god do the rest. I believe that what is meant to be will be and what isn’t meant to be will not be. If you try to go against the universe and ignore the signs and you don't realize your blessings, then it's a shame, you know. I’m very very spiritual and I truly believe that I was put here to spread love and joy in this world and the only way I know how to do that is by using my god given talent, which is singing and making music. In the end the powers that be will decide what comes about. I’m not in this for fame or money. I just want to be quality emotional love songs and maybe here and there songs for people to turn up to in the club or at a sport event or on the way to a party you know. It’s really all about the vibe. I just want to provide the vibes and spread love. And that's what me and my team are going to do.......God willing.

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